Grooming Product Reviews

Hello again! Here’s another page for you guys to utilize for the reviews you want to see without having to scroll through my entire blog to find them. This one is for all the other grooming products other than hair jellies. On this one you will find; combs, shave soaps/creams, razors/blades, shoe polishes, aftershaves, and whatever else that falls into the “grooming product” category that I review. I hope this one helps you guys out like the Pomade Reviews page does. This one will also be in alphabetical order like the other page.



Alfred Lane – Solid Cologne (Vanguard)

American Gentleman – Bar Soap (bay rum)

American Gentleman – Olive Oil & Shea Butter Shave Soap

Arko – Shave Soap

Astra Razorblades

Barber Side – Bay Rum

Barber Side – Shave Oil (lemon)

Barber Side – Shaving Cream (Orange Sickle)

Barber Side – Shaving Cream (Sandalwood Vanilla)

Bees Knees – V-Day Bay Rum

Black Jack – Shave Soap

Black Jack – Shave Soap (revised)

Black & White – Skin Soap

Bone Crusher Hair Tonic

Clubman – Country Club Shampoo

Col. Conk – Shave Bowl & Amber Shave Soap

Col. Conk – Shaving Brush (black)

Cool Grease Comb

Derby – DE Razorblades

Doc Elliott – Pre-shave Oil

Doc Elliott – Shave Soap

Dreadnought – Cut-Throat Razor Shavette

Dr. Dittmar – Shave Set with Best Badger Shave Brush and Soap

English Laundry — 3-in-1 Shampoo

EvolutionMAN – Cleanse and Shave

Feather – DE Razorblades

Fieldworks – Another Close Shave

Fieldworks – Bar None Body Brick

Forge & Foundry – Shave Soap

Gatti Genius – Ph7 Shop Scrub

Grandad’s – Old Fashioned Bay Rum

Grant’s Golden Brand – Jake Comb

Grant’s Golden Brand – Junior Comb

Hammered Mules – Shave Bowl

Imperial – Bergamot Aftershave

JS Sloane – Deep Cleansing Shampoo

JS Sloane – Moisturizing Shampoo

JS Sloane – Shaving Cream

Kiwi – Parade Gloss

Layrite Comb

Layrite Grooming Spray

Man Cave Soap Works – Redwood Shave Soap

MCC Cream DX – Aftershave Cream

Merkur – Classic 1904 Safety Razor

Merkur – 20c Safety Razor

Micro Touch – ONE ~ safety razor set

Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

Parker – 22r Butterfly Safety Razor

Personna – DE Razorblades

Pinaud – Clubman Aftershave

Polished & Proper – Bay Rum

Polished & Proper – Pre-Shave Formula

Proraso – Shaving Cream (red)

Sasquatch Soap Co – Bay Rum Bar Soap

Sasquatch Soap Co – Pine Tar

Schick – Hydro 5 (disposable cartridge razors)

Schmiere – Abschaum Shave Soap

Schmiere-ex Shampoo

Schmiere – Metal Comb ~ Guitar Shape

Shave Select – 1st Month Shave Box

Shaving Yeti – Columbian Neck Tie

Simpson – Berkeley – Best Badger Shaving Brush

Soapbox Gypsy – Hold Fast Shave Box

South Side Soaps – Shave Soap

Suavecito – Menthol Vanishing Creme

Suavecito – Pre-Shave Oil

Suavecito – Shaving Cream

Suavecito ~ Premium Blends ~ Aftershave Balm – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Suavecito ~ Premium Blends ~ Shaving Cream – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Three Butters – UtilitySoap

Tipsy Shampoo

Tool Structure – Tortoise Styling Comb

Tres Flores Aftershave

Vitalis – Hair Tonic

Walter Wilson Shave Company – Shave Set

Wet Shaver’s Club – 1st Month Box

Whiskey Ink & Lace – Coffee Stout Soap Bar

Whiskey Wax – Shave

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