Pomade Reviews

So instead of making you guys crawl through the entire length of my blog looking for the post/pomade you want to check out, I created this page so you have access to a list of all the reviews I’ve done. That way you can easily choose which one you want to look at! So here is my list of pomades, in alphabetacal order.

Hope you enjoy!


Atomic Pomade – Cinnamon

Atomic Pomade – Mint

Barber Side – Bubble Gumm Pomade

Barber Side – Secret Sauce

Bees Knees Pomade – Keeping the Tradition

Bees Knees Pomade – Lite

Bees Knees Pomade – Original

Bees Knees Pomade – Scent 1

Bees Knees Pomade – Scent 2

Big Slick Pomade – Original ~ Barbershop Scent

Black & White – Lite Formula

Black Diamond Pomade (Normal Hold)

Black Jack – Death Grip

Black Jack – Top Coat

Bloody Pomade

Blue Magic – Pressing Oil

Bone Crusher – Light

Bone Crusher

Brass Rooster



Cock Grease – No X

Cock Grease – X

Cock Grease – XXXX

Crown Pomade (black)

Danny Boy – Heavy

Dapper Devil

Dapper Devil (spiced apple scent)

DAX – Green and Gold

DAX – High & Tight awesome hold

DAX – Kocatah

DAX – Vegetable Oils Pomade

Deluxe Pomade

Devil’s Finest – Christmas Edition

Doc Elliott – Pure Pomade (black label)

Dr. Rubins – Firm

Dr. Rubins – Original

Dunn’s Pomade

Electric Grease

Five Palms Brilliantine

Flagship Pomade

Gasoline Grease

Grandad’s – Old Fashioned

Grandad’s – Old Fashioned (Revisited)

Grim Grease

Gumdrop Grease

Hair Control (Stay Slick Formula)


High Life – Addicted to Pomade

High Life – Heavy

High Life – Light

High Life – Medium


Johnny B. – Original

Johnny B. – Xtra Hold

JS Sloane – High Gloss Top Coat

Jusincredible Pomade – Light Hold

Knock Out!

Kustom Kreeps – Death Grip

Kustom Kreeps – Monster Attack

Levin’s (blue)

Lockhart’s – Goon Grease

Lockhart’s – Heavy

Lone Star Pomade – Texas Crude Wax

Mom Made Pomade – Heavy

Mom Made Pomade – Medium

Mom Made Pomade – Super Heavy

Mr. Ducktail

Mr. Prabs – Sexy Shine

Murray’s – Carrot Oil

Murray’s – eXelento

Murray’s – Hair-Glo

Murray’s – Nu Nile

Murray’s – Small Batch 50-50

Murray’s – Super Light

Mutant’s Pomade – Rigor Mortis Hold

North Pole Pomade

Polished & Proper


Putrescence – Hair Dressing

Putrescence – Multi-Purpose

Reuzel – Green Can

Reuzel – Pink Can

Rob’s Chop Shop – Slick W 50

Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine

Rod Rabbit

Rogue Sideshow – Heavy (black lid)

Rogue Sideshow – Light (white lid)

Rogue Sideshow – Medium (blue lid)

Royal Crown – Hair Dressing

Royal Crown – Pomade

Rusak – Medium

Ryno’s Hair Slick – Slick n’ Hold Formula

Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade

Santa’s Hair Slick

Schmiere – Better Dan Pomade

Schmiere – Doktor Corvus Haar-Balsam

Schmiere – Hart (Racer Special)

Schmiere – Knupplehart (Prison Special)

Schmiere – Mittel (Ho Ho Ho Special)

Schmiere – Red Ink Pomade

Shear Revival – The One Who Knocks Pomade

Slick Boy Deluxe – (tan and red)

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade – Devil’s Doo

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade – Ginny Grease

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade


Softee – Bergamot (blue)

Softee – Hebal Gro

Softee – Indian Hemp

South Side Soaps – Apple Cider Pomade

South Side Soaps – Black Cherry Pomade

South Side Soaps – Crackling Birch Pomade

Stay Gold Pomade – Bad Juju

Steel Toe Pomade

Steel Toe Pomade – New Scent

Straight Edge Eddy’s Pomade

Sugar Plum Hair Dressing

Sweet Pete’s Guapo Grease


Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade (White Label)

Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade (White Label) revisited

The Classics – 40’s

The Classics – 40’s (new scent)

The Iron Society

The Iron Society – Firm

Three Wise Men – Green

Three Wise Men – Red

Three Wise Men – White

Tres Flores – Solid

Tuxedo Club

White Rose

Winter Wonderland Hair Wax

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  1. Thanks for doing pomade reviews! The market is getting crazy right now, so this helps a ton!

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