This page is to inform any and all of my viewers of my warnings to you.

That being said;

The Dapper Society Men’s Grooming Blog is a blog concerning men’s grooming products. I review pomades, hair dressings, hair tonics, shampoos, shave products, and other types of men’s grooming products. I do not use this blog to develop products for others, but do sometimes offer feedback on products in development stages. I simply post the best reviews I can about the products I try out and feature on my blog.

The reviews and comments I post are MY OWN opinions and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of others, or the companies of the products I am reviewing. The products I review may look, feel, smell and/or work differently for others. I only post how they work for me and what I think of them and their performance. I am not affiliated with any of the products or companies that I name and review on my blog, unless stated otherwise. Also, my comments and opinions are posted for educational and informative purposes only, unless specifically stated otherwise.

The products I review may contain ingredients that are potentially allergenic. So before you use a product I have reviewed or talked about, please read the ingredients on the label before you use it to see if it conatins something you are allergic to. I am not responsible for any allergic relations you may have from misuse/neglegance in not reading the ingredient list on the product(s).

Furthemore, I do not claim to know everything about the products I review and/or how to use them. I simply offer MY advice on them and/or how to use them. I am not responsible for the misuse of any product I review or talk about, resulting in damages to viewers and/or their belongings. If there are damages, viewers need to contact the company of the product that caused the damages directly to resolve the matter.

That’s all folks!


4 comments on “Warnings

  1. Looker says:

    Please tell me what is the cheapest online shop where I can buy hair pomade?

    • Hello,

      They all are right around the same price. They each have different deals going on at different times. Sometimes buying directly from the maker/company will be a little cheaper than online sites. Which pomades are you looking for specifically?


    • Oscar says:

      I like to check ebay. Tons of sellers.

      • Yeah Ebay is an ok site. Etsy has a bunch on there too, including my pomades. Amazon has some pomades on there as well, but mostly water soluble products and ringing gels. Same with Ebay. There are some pomades on both sites though. And like I said, there’s a whole list of sites that sell pomades in the FAQ page on here. So check those out as well!


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