Water Based Reviews

Because so many of you have requested this, I went ahead and made a separate page for water bases. I will list them alphabetically by brand and then lightest to heaviest. So here ya go guys!


Anchors Hair Company – Sirens & Sailors

Bada Bing

Barber Side – Madman Ringing Gel

Baxter of California – Hard Cream Pomade

Black Knight

Bona Fide

Bona Fide – revisited/new formula

Bona Fide – Fiber

Bona Fide – Matte Paste

Boulevard Nights

Cool Grease – Blue

Cool Grease – Cock Grease

Cool Grease – Fiber (Yellow)

Cool Grease – Flat (Green)

Cool Grease – Red

Cool Grease – XX (Black)

Cool Grease – Z (White)

DAX – Hair Shaper

DAX – Super Neat


Grant’s Golden Brand – Matte Dressing

Grant’s Golden Brand – Medium Blend

Grant’s Golden Brand – Original

Grant’s Golden Brand – Putty


Iron Fist Super Hold Pomade

Johnny B. – Molding Paste

Johnny B. – Street Cream

JS Sloane – Heavyweight

JS Sloane – Lightweight

JS Sloane – Mediumweight

Layrite – Deluxe

Layrite – Super Hold

Layrite – Super Shine

Lil Red Rooster

Lone Star – Classic

Lone Star – Super

Lone Wolf – Eclipse

Lucky 13 – Junior’s Gel

Lucky 13 – Swagger Cream

Monkey Brains

Murray’s – Cream Beeswax

Murray’s – D-Luxe Grooming Creme

Murray’s – Edgewax

Murray’s – La-Em-Strait

O’Douds – Water Based Pomade

Prospectors – Gold Rush

Railcar Fine Goods

Reuzel – Blue Can

Reuzel – Red Can

Schmiere – Hart ~ ringing gel

Schmiere – Mittel ~ ringing gel

Shiner Gold

Slick Devil

Star Wax – Toffee

Suave – Groom & Clean

Suavecito – Brilliantcream

Suavecito – Firme

Suavecito – Original

The Daimon Barber – No. 1

The Holy Black

The Iron Society

Tres Flores – Molding

Unknown Product

Uppercut – Deluxe


Whiskey Wax

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