Dapper Society on American Pickers!!!

Hey guys, I have some really cool news!! I was contacted the other day by the visual researcher for the TV show ‘American Pickers’ about my blog. They were wanting to use one of my pictures in an episode talking about greasers and “ducks butt” hair do’s. Being as this show is one I watch pretty frequently and like a lot, I was pretty ecstatic that they contacted me! And for them to want to use one of my pictures is even more awesome! Plus, they’re going to put me and my blog’s name in the special thanks segment of the credits!!

So I proceeded to send many thanks. And sent over the release form for them to use my photo in the show. I asked about when the episode would air and was told that I would be given that information prior to its air date. So as soon as I know I will make another post giving you guys the date so you can check it out if you want to. I asked about getting a clip from the show that showed my picture being used for my blog post, but they couldn’t do that. It’s their policy to not give out clips of their show for outside use, even after the episode airs. Which is totally understandable, I can 100% respect that. So I will just give you guys the episode name and air date in case you guys do want to check it out.

I am very stoked that one of my favorite shows reached out to me to use one of my photos in the show! It’s very flattering and awesome that my photo is going to be in tv and such an awesome show. Millions of people are going to see it! That is kind of humbling and super awesome. I feel very grateful that I am going to get that kind of exposure.

I will keep you updated on when the episode airs and everything. I want to thank Randi and the team on American Pickers, along with the History channel for reaching out to me and wanting to use my photo on the show. I am really looking forward to seeing the episode!! Hopefully they find some awesome greaser memorabilia in that episode! I know for sure they’re going to find cool stuff tho, they do in every single episode. Maybe I should contact the Pickers about finding me some Lovers Moon pomade, haha.

See you all on the boob tube!!



6 comments on “Dapper Society on American Pickers!!!

  1. Brittius says:

    😀 Don’t forget to plug Atomic Pomade! Would they charge you for advertising if you wear an Atomic T-shirt or will they blur it out? If they say it’s okay to plug free, then get a black buttondown shirt and embroider Atomic on it.
    Good Luck & Congratulations! {JC Goes Hollywood!}

  2. Congratulations! It’s great to see people in the community getting recognized.

  3. Tom says:


    I’m glad pomade is going to get national expsure. It’s a handsome look.

  4. Keith says:

    Congrats to you JC !

  5. NOAM says:


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