Straight Edge Eddy’s Pomade

Hey guys in continuation of the new product roll I’m on I will be reviewing my good friend Eddy’s pomade. I’ve been using this stuff since he first started testing it about a year ago. So it’s not new to me per se, but the formula has been tweaked a little and the labels are new. Plus, it’s new to you guys and newly for sale up on his etsy store.

Eddy is a friend of mine from the Arizona Hardcore scene. I first met him at a show a few years ago then started talking to him more and more. He then told me at one of the shows he booked that my band was playing that he had started making his own pomade. Being the pomade lover that I am I was eager to try it out. A few months later he texted me about getting a sample from him when I was down in Tempe getting my back tattooed. So I picked it up from him and thus began my relationship with this pomade. Eddy is also my barber. He works at Electric Haven in Tempe, AZ. So if you’re in AZ, stop in a get a cut by him. It will be one of the best, if not the best cut you’ve ever had. Top notch barber and guy.


He packages his pomade in flat 4oz slip cover tins, like the Bees Knees or Blackjack tins. He has just one lid label on it, and it’s a bad ass label! It’s a tan back ground with a dark grey border and writing. Up top is “Straight Edge” in some western style lettering, then just below that is “Eddy’s” in cursive with an arrow underneath pointing to the left. Just under that is a Barber Pole with a blue banner that has “original hold” in it. At the very bottom in cursive rope lettering is “Mesa, AZ.” Such a rad label! Simple, but the little details really give it a nice panache and flare. His very first run of labels had a white border, but I like the dark gray border much better. It matches the label and lettering a lot better.


When you pull off the lid you see a cream colored waxy pomade. Then the scent hits you right in the face! It is a wonderful bouquet of strong Sandelwood, followed by medium notes of cinnamon and vanilla, then a hint of fresh coconut at the end. By far one of the best smelling pomades out on the market today! This scent has changed a little bit since his original tester that he gave me, but it has changed for the better for sure. It was a good scent before, but now it is amazing.


This stuff scoops out fairly easily. You have to push kind of hard to break the surface, but immediately it comes out like a real creamy wax. You can see the flat surface on the scoop and then the creamy trail from the scoop. This stuff is by far one of the creamiest pomades I’ve ever tried. In your hands it is just awesome. It spreads like butter, no clumps whatsoever, real nice creamy feel. The scent doesn’t change much in your hands other than it gets a bit stronger. I really like the sandalwood note of this pomade, it’s such a great scent.

Going in your hair, it feels like you’re applying a light pomade. The creaminess to it really makes application very easy. You can easily coat all sides of your hair and work it in pretty evenly with just your hands. You start to see the shine this stuff gives your hair before you even grab your comb. One of my favorite things about this pomade! It’s very easy to run your comb through too. Even the very first combing feels more like you’re recombing your hair instead of working it in. Really nice to comb around and work the pomade into your hair. Once you get it combed into your hair the cinnamon really comes out! It’s great! Reminds me of fresh cinnamon sticks. I like when scents expand and reveal different notes throughout application and whatnot, it’s really cool.


I decided to go with a regular pompadour instead of a parted one this time. Now that my hair has been adjusted accordingly I can start doing this type of pomp. It was a little tricky getting it going though. My hair is so used to being parted that it kind of wanted to split. You can see a couple gaps where it was trying. It was also a little weird blending the left side without my part, and it took me a little longer to comb. It will be fun to try and get my hair trained to this hairstyle over the next few months.


Back to the pomade! It has a really nice medium hold to it, kind of along the lines of Nu Nile or High Life medium. Way different feel to it, but this pomade holds about the same as those two do. The shine is more of a natural looking shine, but it is a nice shine. It makes your hair look really healthy. I love a nice high, chrome-like shine, but this type of shine is a really nice change up. Kind of a breath of fresh air from the wet/greasy look. Being from Arizona, Eddy did his research with his pomade holding up to the heat. It’s been in the upper 90’s out here lately and this stuff does a great job staying all day. By far one of the better staying mediums I’ve tried. I also love the fact that this stuff doesn’t get super greasy toward the end of the day. Some pomades make your hair feel real greasy or oily at the end of the day, but this one leaves your hair more smooth than greasy. You can run your hand over your hair and not be left with a greasy residue on your hand. Super easily recombable as well, not that you’ll need to recomb it because it holds well, but if you do you’ll find a nice recomb to this pomade.


The buildup on the second day is perfect! Not too much of the pomade comes out of your hair, but enough comes out to give you a nice base to build off of. I used a little less than half of what I used the first day. I noticed a little increase in shine too. Hold was the same, but I had a little more control and no flyaways the second day. My pomp was much more rounded and bulbous the second day. It seemed to be more full looking too. I decided on a parted pomp this time, and I like the results much better. I knew I would, my hair is used to being parted. It held really really well all day long and it didn’t seem to move at all. My hair seemed like it was in the same place at the end of the day. Definitely happy with it at the end of the second day, as I have been every time I’ve used the stuff.

This is a pomade that you guys definitely have to have in your collection. There really isn’t anything bad I can say about this stuff. It’s one of the most solid medium pomades out there these days. The creamy texture makes it one of the easier to apply mediums out there. The scent is a nicely balanced blend of scents that compliment each other. Buy a tin of this stuff ASAP!! You can find it on Eddy’s etsy store.
Make sure to get a tin ASAP and tell him JC sent you. Maybe he will give ya a free sticker or something. I want to give my friend Eddy a thank you for giving me a tin of his pomade to review and for letting me test it out since the beginning. I appreciate it man! I’ll be down soon to get a cut and I have some stuff for you to try out as well.

Stay slick fellas,


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  1. tomesch says:

    Sadly he don’t ship to Germany.

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